Commercial Pilot Licence Training Program

To become a Commercial Pilot, one must possess CPL(Commercial Pilot Licence).This Licence is Issued after a candidate clears the training program from an institute recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority of that particular country(DGCA) in case India).

But to join CPL training Program a candidate has to meet certain minimum Educational qualifications requirements.


Here they are –


Educational qualification : Minimum qualification required is 10+2 with physics & Maths

(If you don’t have Physics & Maths in 10+2  you have an option of passing these two subjects at 10+2 level from one of the institute On – Demand Examinations and can start your Pilot Training course.

Age: 18 years of Age completion


Medical : Class || Medical is to be done by a DGCA approved medical examiner. The list of DGCA approved medical examiner is available on the at  link


Class | Medical could be obtained in due course of Training.


Ground Training :

  1. Air Regulations
  2. Air Navigation
  3. Aviation Meteorology
  4. Technical General ( Aircraft and Engines)
  5. Technical Specific
  6. RTR ( Radio Telephony Restricted)

Flying Training : Hours of Flying as per DGCA Syllabus