Customer Service Course

Achieving Customer Service Excellence


This training course enables delegates to understand the vital importance of customer service to any organisation and assists them to provide exceptional customer service, either themselves or through the actions of their staff.


This course contains the following modules:

Introduction And Course Overview

What Is Customer Service?

– What Is Customer Service?
– Why Is It Important?
– Whats In It For Me?
– Customer Service Beliefs.


Who Are Your Customers?

– Internal Customers.
– External Customers.
– Customer Needs.


Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations

– Types of Expectations.
– Meeting Expectations.
– Exceeding Expectations.
– First Impressions Exercise.



– Telephone Handling.
– Appearance of Facilities.
– Appearance of Self.
– Face To Face Contact.



– What Is Communication?
– Barriers To Communication.
– Removing Communication Barriers.
– Active Listening.
– Listening Quiz.


Telephone Techniques

– Tips For A Good Telephone Technique.
– Dos And Donts of The Telephone.
– Exercise Taking A Message.
– Telephone Message Prompt Form.


Managing Conflict in Customer Situations

– Causes of Conflict.
– Levels of Conflict.
– Responding To Conflict.
– Preventing Conflict.
– Resolving Conflict.


Dealing With Challenges

– Handling Difficult Situations.
– Assertiveness & Compromise.


Dealing with Difficult People

– A Process Guide To Dealing With Difficult People.


Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving

– Problem Situations.


The Recovery Process

– Six Steps To Recovery.


Eliminating Customer Service Problems

– Inspection And Analysis Tools.
– Critical Evaluation.
– Informal Surveys.
– Focus Groups.
– Nominal Group Technique (NGT).
– Cause And Effect Or Root Cause (Fish Bone).
– Brainstorming.
– Benchmarking.


Doing Your Part

– Developing and Maintaining Relationships.
– The Likability Factor.
– How To Feel Powerful In Your Position.
– Positive Language Exercise.


Your Personal Action Plan

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who either directly comes into contact with customers, both face-to-face and on the phone, or who manages people who do.