Travel & Tourism Course

Interested in a lifelong career that’s every bit as enjoyable as a holiday? Our exclusive Travel & Tourism  could be your one-way ticket to the job you’ve always dreamed of! Whether looking to join the tourism industry at home or spend your life travelling the world (and getting paid for it), an internationally-recognized qualification could make all the difference.

It is one of the most dynamic and rewarding global industries, serving as the primary economic contributor for countless countries and regions worldwide. Immune to the vast majority of economic and political pressures, the travel and tourism industry continues to go from strength to strength across most of the world. The most recent estimate valued the global Travel & tourism sector somewhere in the region of $7.6 trillion – a figure that continues to grow exponentially, each and every year. Demand for the highest-quality travel and tourism services has never been higher, among both leisure and business travellers alike.

Quite simply, there has never been a better time to consider beginning or advancing a career in the contemporary tourism industry.

This Travel & Tourism Coursehas been designed for anyone looking to turn an existing passion for travel into a rewarding career for life. Explore every important element of the modern travel and tourism industry, the various roles played by its primary contributors and ultimately how to satisfy the needs of every type of traveller. Learn how the travel industry has evolved, how to create exceptional tour packages, manage transportations logistics and even consider setting up a new travel business from scratch.


Upon Successful Completion of This Course, You Will Benefit From An Array of New Skills, Talents And Knowledge Including:

  • 1. A comprehensive overview of the contemporary travel and tourism industry.
  • 2. How the industry has evolved and developed over recent years.
  • 3. The essential features that make up quality travel and tourism products.
  • 4. What it takes to deliver superior customer service for every client.
  • 5. How to effectively plan and manage national and international tour operations.
  • 6. The importance of effective marketing in travel and tourism.
  • 7. Essential human resource management issues and responsibilities.
  • 8. Consideration of transportations options and logistics.
  • 9. The importance of sustainable tourism and environmental awareness.
  • 10. Crisis management, PR and public awareness in travel and tourism.
  • 11. The basics of establishing and running a successful travel business.

Course Outline

This intensive yet digestible Travel & Tourism Course is delivered across 6 modules – each concluding with an online assessment to verify your acquired knowledge and competencies. Your assigned tutor will provide you with comprehensive support at all times, in order to assist with your successful completion of each unit.

Module 1: Introduction: Travel & Tourism.
Module 2: Quality Standards in Tourism Services.
Module 3: Basic components of tourism.
Module 4: Travel and Tourism Operations Management.
Module 5: Marketing & Sales in Travel and Tourism.
Module 6: The role of customer satisfaction in the quality management systems.